Sunday, August 25, 2013

Love Around Episode 12 Preview

So I saw the preview for the next episode and I had one thought: SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN. We still don't know what happened, but turns out my instincts in the beginning that the parents knew each other were right after all. I thought the main conflict would be when Dad found out about Zhou Zhen's background, but it seems we need to go up a generation.
This is a sticky knot to unravel.

Ratings for Episode 11 was only 0.01 off their previous high, coming at 2.55.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Look! (And a change of address.)

Sigh, so many issues. Why can't internet life be perfect? Due to an inherent bug in my previous address, I'm now forced to change to a new one (chloeplus.blogspot is now hellochloee.blogspot, take note, folks). After the change everything seems to be A-OK, until I realize that the blog recognizes me as the author for all previous posts made, which is so frustrating because I HAVE NOT WRITTEN A SINGLE ARTICLE ABOUT LOVE AROUND.

Hence, I would like to clarify all Love Around were not written by me (except that one time I had to fill in for Snowie). So dear readers, pleasepleaseplease do not be mistaken, okay? It would make me sad if you think that the two of us are interchangeable.

P.S: Here are all the articles my dearest chingu has written (in chronological order):

Aww, you've sure come a long way, Snowie! Sigh, now I'm getting misty-eyed and all. But no one wants to see my ugly sobbing, so back to our regularly scheduled programming, folks.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Love Around BTS Bites

Note: Those who've read the previous post would already have read this. I decided to split the BTS into a stand-alone post because I updated the previews. Also, now we can focus (comments) on the fun!
A treat for you guys - little bites of the BTS (which is way more fun than the actual drama). Watching the BTS makes me a lot happier, and reminds me of why I watch this not-very-interesting drama. Some things they do as they rehearse for the scenes, so it's done as their characters, but these cuts usually involve NG takes, which is done by the actors themselves so I've used their names instead. Enjoy!

Bite 1: George Hu is a fruit ninja.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Love Around Episode 11 Preview (Updated)

I wasn't very excited in translating this preview, because SETTV cheated by recycling scenes (which made me go, hey I already did that!) and adding a few new lines of dialogue. Which also meant that the highlight of the previous preview (woo they rhyme) did not actually happen in the episode.
This is a new screencap! I swearz!

It may or may not be the reason, but ratings for Episode 10 dipped again to 2.07. And reflecting that, this post isn't all that uplifting.

*Updated with two new previews

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Love Around Episode 10 Preview (Updated)

I know some of you waited for the previews on the weekend, sorry about that. Thing is, they didn't have a preview at the end of the episode then (darn live shooting). SETTV finally released a preview today, and here it is - freshly out of the (editing room?) oven.

Dun dun dun!

Ratings for Episode 9 hit the highest yet at 2.56.

*Updated with a new cut from 100% Entertainment