Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love Around Episode 4 Preview

Woohoo! It looks like excitement might finally be happening. I haven't watched the latest episode yet, but now that Daddy Zhou has his fingers in the radio station mix, things are heating up - and we will have the leads in enforced proximity. After just about 3 episodes of set-up, we're finally shown some meatier footage and I say - BRING ON THE OFFICE HIJINKS!

Side Note: I like how this character gives us tons of smexy George's expressions.



Fei Fei: This "King of Cups" card tells us that if we want to change our jobs, we have to do it now.

James: Producer Zhou, do you have any time soon?

Yu Mi (Xiao Shu's assistant): Can you help me ask Xu Jie...?

(All the staff are scrambling to look for new employment.)

Daddy Zhou: Your friend is that mischievous Xiao Xia? From now on, have nothing to do with her!
Zhou Zhen: Why?

Zhou Zhen: Didn't you say you had an appointment with the company rep? How long have you been waiting?
Xiao Shu: Three hours.
Zhou Zhen: If he doesn't come out, find a way to make him come out!

Daddy Zhou: She's the one who went over my head first.
Zhou Zhen: People keep saying that you're a mob boss, because you keep doing things this way!

Zhou Zhen: I want to apply for the sales department of the radio station. I'm currently unemployed. Would you hire me?


Zhou Zhen accuses his dad of acting like a mobster - and in the next scene, we see him reversing a car to hit another one, just so the (likely) owner will come out and finally grant them a meeting. Hah. I think he may be more like his dad than he realizes...

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