Monday, July 1, 2013

Love Around Episode 5 Preview (Updated)

Look at them, tumbling on a bed already!



Granny: Your brother has to choose the best looking suit, because he's going on a LOVE date.
Granny & Ying Ying: Lub-buh lub-buh! (LOL jk, love love)

Xiao Shu: If there's a guy who always accompanies a girl when she's upset, talks to her about her worries; when she has problems, he finds all possible solutions, rushing ahead to protect her without reserve -

- does all that count as liking someone?

Zhe Xuan: That guy... that guy, is he Zhou Zhen? Do you like him?


So I haven't watched the latest episode yet again, but suffice to say it seems that after Zhou Zhen works together with Xiao Shu, their interactions bring about all sorts of budding feelings, which is obvious immediately to all around them. I'm amused by how many damsel-in-distress situations the writers can throw Xiao Shu into - because that saved-by-Zhou Zhen thing has long gone past 3 and counting.

You may have noticed that I haven't done a recap for Episode 3: I've decided not to recap this series after all. I did watch that episode and am glad to report that it was a much better one, mostly because I loved the whole part where Xiao Shu met Zhe Xuan again. Much as I liked it (slightly more), I didn't feel a burning need to talk or write about it, and I decided then that I'd enjoy the show better without thinking too hard about anything.

Instead, I'll just update with the previews, which I enjoy doing. And they are a short and fast way for people to keep track, if you ever feel like jumping in.

SETTV threw out another preview today (and it seems that they have disabled embedding, so click on the link to see it).


Fei Fei: Recently, I'm smelling something fishy going on between Zhou Zhen and you.
James: The three steps to confession! 1) Giving flowers.
Zhou Zhen: These are for you.
Xiao Shu: Thank you.

James: 2) Holding hands.
Zhou Zhen: It's alright. I'm here.

James: 3) Think of ways to have body contact.

Zhe Xuan: So... do you like him?


  1. That 2nd trailer is hot! *fans self* lol

    1. I know RIGHT?! And George hasn't even done that much LOL.