Monday, July 8, 2013

Love Around Episode 6 Preview

Second male lead is stepping up his game. I kinda knew that this was coming but his directness is still admirable. Although obviously, I can't really root for him but oh well, gotta give him props for saying what he feels (such a precious thing in dramaland).

(Wo xi huan ni. I like you.)

And a bite of Episode 5 - I just saw this one scene and I couldn't help laughing. I totally agree with Xiao Shu on what's next though: kissing. After the cut!

Episode 6 Preview:

They are in some kind of charity event. Zhou Zhen spots them and moves quickly to make himself inconspicuous.
Jessica: What is Zhou Da Kuan doing in a place like this?
Xiao Shu: Such a rare opportunity that we'll come so close directly to Zhou Da Kuan, I must examine him properly. So then, Liang Xiao Xia's (her radio personality) gonna see to this herself...
Xiao Shu: What's a mob boss doing here in these clothes, cooking? Is it because of your guilty conscience, so you're seeking to make amends?
Xiao Shu: Yesterday you said you already had someone you liked.
Zhe Xuan: That person is now holding a note in her hand.
Zhe Xuan: No matter how your world changes, I still like Liang Xiao Shu. I don't want to be just a good friend to you.


And the scene from Episode 5:

Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu are stuck in the lift. There is a movement and Xiao Shu falls into Zhou Zhen's arms.
With this body contact, she thinks of that three-step-to-confession and is all flustered wondering what's next, "Kissing??" She steps away and asks Zhou Zhen, "Please stay further away from me."
Already in the corner, Zhou Zhen can do nothing, but he backs up anyway. And then, he STICKS himself to the wall of the lift. Then when it didn't seem enough, he turns around and puts his face as near the wall as possible. LMAO.

Any other scenes you guys wanna talk about?


  1. Hahaha - well, she can't blame him for not listening, that's for sure. Yes - kissing next!! Woot! Woot! :D lol

  2. your recaps its hilarious I enjoy reading it.i cant wait for the next episode,its exciting.

  3. i watch today ep 6 in soguideas but I never understand the language.but I still like it

  4. aww, there's no preview for ep 7! D: i just finished ep 6... need to see stuff cleared up between xiao shu and zhou zhen