Monday, July 29, 2013

Love Around Episode 9 Preview

Well well well... looks like the characters have decided to act in rational ways, and some of the conflicts were speedily resolved (although if it was so simple, we wonder why they dragged out the secrets). I guess the bigger one will come soon enough, when Xiao Shu's parents find out about Zhou Zhen. The OTP relationship moves ahead without obstacles for now, and it's confessions (swoony) time! 

Ratings went slightly up to 2.40 for Episode 8.

Episode 9 Preview - Ringing Sounds of Happiness:

Xiao Shu: Do you remember back then when we watched the baseball game?
Zhou Zhen: Count to three, right?
Both: One, two, three! (and both remain there looking at each other)

Xiao Shu: Every day that we (? you?) are still together, makes it seem like tomorrow will be there for sure, until reality forces you apart. As long as you are determined, and tell him how much you like him...
Xiao Shu: If one person does not have the courage to change, then we'll stand in the same spot forever.
Zhou Zhen: Xiao Shu!
Zhou Zhen: Are you willing to give me a chance? Ring the bell and work for our happiness with me?
Zhou Zhen: Unless you let go, I will never leave your side.


Swoon. Melt. The End.


  1. Yay - looks like the romance is finally progressing!

  2. yeah at last we will be able to enjoy the quiet time before the storm of xiao shu's dad finds out zhou zhen's background

  3. i like how you translate the story in episode 8. its complete and i enjoy reading it. but for this episode 9 i feel empty.. please write coming episode just like episode 8. only here i can catch up the story coz i cant understand chinesse and i dont know why they did not put english subtittle.. thank you and more power..

    1. Thanks for your comment. Actually I didn't translate the story in Ep 8, I translated what the news report said. But I understand what you mean - I'll put more context where possible next time :)

    2. This is avail on VIKI and Drama Fever (Google them) in many languages, English included. :oD

  4. when comes ep 10 preview?

  5. Thanks!! Im watching this show only in mobile and only from sugoideas is the compatible for it. That site have no english sub. I downloaded viki but the love arround is not available here in abu dhabi.. So im catching thru recap and previews story.. Hope you will write much longer nextime..

  6. you can watch love around on your mobile at from all around the world. abu dhabi included. it has english subtitles.