Thursday, August 8, 2013

Love Around Episode 10 Preview (Updated)

I know some of you waited for the previews on the weekend, sorry about that. Thing is, they didn't have a preview at the end of the episode then (darn live shooting). SETTV finally released a preview today, and here it is - freshly out of the (editing room?) oven.

Dun dun dun!

Ratings for Episode 9 hit the highest yet at 2.56.

*Updated with a new cut from 100% Entertainment
Episode 10 Preview - Relationship Exposed!
Xiao Shu can't stop smiling even in her dreams now. The two lovebirds sweetly spend time together, openly showing affection, to the point where even Daddy and Mummy Liang knows! Will they support this relationship?
Xiao Shu: Although it still feels a little unreal, Zhou Zhen and I are really together now.
It looks like Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu are at yet another baseball game. No idea what happened to make them suddenly stand out in the crowd... maybe they caught another ball?
Crowd: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Watching the live (?) broadcast at home, Daddy Liang suddenly sees Xiao Shu on TV.
 Mummy Liang: Liang Xiao Shu, you're dead!
Daddy Liang looks unimpressed (although this is almost his default expression).

And the cut from 100% Entertainment:

Xiao Shu: On this wonderful afternoon, we... held hands.
Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen are finally in another stage of their relationship.
They seem to be having some barbeque, as the radio station staff and Granny creep up from behind them.
Zhou Zhen: There are other tongs you can use!
Everyone else: Get together! Get together! (basically just telling them to be in a relationship - doesn't translate well, this phrase *grumble*)

The lovey dovey couple turn around, and tries to calm all of them down. Zhou Zhen puts his arm around Xiao Shu's waist.

Zhou Zhen: To tell you guys the truth, we are already together.
Someone: That hand....
 The couple who got together after some trials openly show their affection for each other, with an overload of sweetness.

Zhou Zhen: I was wondering, if you were free on Tuesday...
Xiao Shu looks at her calendar which is marked with a heart on Tuesday, "(Chinese) Valentine's Day".
Xiao Shu: I guess... I should... have time...

How will Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu spend their first Chinese Valentine's Day?


  1. omg!omg!omg! woop woop! together at last XD!!! please dont let her dad spoil it ...cant wait for this weeks episode

  2. lollllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Their relationship seems to be moving at a weird pace to me. So timidly?

    1. I agree. Weird pace. The first 9 episodes were pretty slow and painful for me and it seems like they are now rushing to create chemistry. Unfortunately, it will never be the same as love now. They seem so awkward with each other. Let me be wrong and hopefully they have the spark still.

    2. Well yeah, I think so too, that they are rushing the romantic scenes. However, the little awkwardness is understandable. Xiao Shu's character in the drama is somewhat reserved, she gets home before 9pm, her dad is a retired policeman, etc., that could be the reason. They are just starting their relationship, so we might as well wait what will happen.

    3. i think it is bcoz love around is just 15 episodes and they are now episode 10.. that why they rush things. what's nice about love now is that, it is very detailed and 72 episodes, not unlike love around limited to only 15.

  4. AAAAh They gonna kiss!! i don't want to miss this episode

  5. I think that will be great, like usual !! :) I love them ... can't wait

  6. OMG!! This is her first kiss!!

  7. what's the name of the song playing in the background in the episode 10 preview? anyone know?

  8. what is the rating of episode 10? where can i watch epi 10?

    1. There is in but no subtittle..

    2. It is on viki -