Sunday, August 25, 2013

Love Around Episode 12 Preview

So I saw the preview for the next episode and I had one thought: SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN. We still don't know what happened, but turns out my instincts in the beginning that the parents knew each other were right after all. I thought the main conflict would be when Dad found out about Zhou Zhen's background, but it seems we need to go up a generation.
This is a sticky knot to unravel.

Ratings for Episode 11 was only 0.01 off their previous high, coming at 2.55.

Preview for Episode 12: Taking a Big Step Forward
After knowing of Zhou Zhen's triad background, Daddy Liang clearly states that he disapproves of the relationship, and wants Zhou Zhen to initiate the break up with Xiao Shu. Zhou Zhen takes his words to heart, but directly expresses that he will not give up. He did not know that all Daddy Liang wanted to do was to test him, the goal of which to determine if Zhou Zhen was someone Xiao Shu could depend on her whole life. 

Ying Ying: After he came back from dinner with Xiao Shu's parents last night, he's been a bit down.

Test 1: To test a man's trustworthiness and patience
Daddy and Mummy Liang deliberately let Xiao Shu know that they'll be coming home late, to see if Zhou Zhen will keep to the curfew and send Xiao Shu home on time. Mummy Liang has full confidence in him, because Xiao Shu does reach on time! However, Zhou Zhen goes up with Xiao Shu, and doesn't come down even after a while. The parents start to get anxious because a lot can happen when a man and a woman are left alone together...
Daddy Zhou is worried that his triad background would cause troubles for Zhou Zhen, and makes the suggestion for the two families to meet.
Daddy Zhou: Tell Xiao Shu to arrange a time so that I can treat her parents. Let's meet and sit down for a meal.

Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen are both excited for the meeting, hoping that both families will leave a good impression on each other.
Xiao Shu: That means our relationship is taking a big step forward!
Zhou Zhen: "Fighting!" (this is one of the phrases I never found an equivalent in English for...)

Granny: Welcome, welcome!
But as they meet, a roundabout of staring ensues, and their expressions change for the worse...


  1. Now the story is getting nice.. the conflict start and how they will overcome the problems is an issue to watch for..

  2. Can't wait until the next episode! It's been a relatively carefree ride so far (although it was very sweet to see a couple fall in love) but I'm dying to know how it'll all end.