Sunday, September 1, 2013

Love Around Episode 13 Preview

Before the episode tonight... posting this for people who are still finding the show lovely~ I'm a few episodes behind again so I can't really comment.
Always be by my side.

Ratings for Episode 12 stayed the same at 2.55. Hmm... the drama is running out of time, will it even make it to 3?

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Written Preview Translation:

Daddy Zhou's accidental mistake back then became an eternal pain for the Liang family. A storm that has passed, scars buried deep down in the heart, resurface without warning at the moment the two families agree to meet. Daddy Zhou feels sorry towards Zhou Zhen; for if he had not stepped into the triad years ago, his children would not have to suffer with him, even growing up faster, more defensive than others. Zhou Zhen has it worse with his relationships never going smoothly because of his background.  Daddy Zhou apologizes to Zhou Zhen with a painful heart, yet his son generously lays no blame on his father, and even thinks that he's been sent by the heavens to pay for his father's mistake and comfort the Liang family. Especially since Zhou Zhen has no intention of letting Xiao Shu go...
Granny sees Zhou Zhen stressed over his feelings, and knows that these two young ones have fallen deeply. She uses a lighthearted way to impart some wise words - as long as you put your heart into it, and give selflessly, the other person will feel it and open her/his heart to accept it. Zhou Zhen seems to understand, and starts taking action...
Mummy Liang still bears the pain of having her son leave, and hates Zhou Da Kuan to her bones. Yet this man in front of her who loves her daughter so much - he's so considerate, gentle and understanding; how can she break the two of them up, when they are so deeply in love? Mummy Liang decides to bury her yearning for her son, and support Zhou Zhen and her daughter whole-heartedly.

At the same time, Daddy Liang takes the opposite route. Afraid that his family will be broken again, and that Xiao Shu might regain her painful memories, Daddy Liang tells Zhou Zhen that he has to let go, and that he would not allow anyone to disrupt the peace their family's struggled to gain.

Episode 13 Preview - Zhou Zhen's Decision:

Daddy Liang: When the day comes and Xiao Shu discovers that she's in love with the son of (her brother's) murderer, how will you make it up to her?
Daddy Liang: There is only one thing you can do - leave.
Xiao Shu: No matter what happens, you have to be just like this, holding my hand, being with me, and just not leaving me alone by myself, alright?

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