Monday, December 6, 2010

Myoo The Stuffed Cat In Secret Garden

In case you were wondering what Myoo is, no, it's not a
onomatopoeia made up by hellochloe. Myoo is a character created by RASKA Inc. and it's sort of like Mashimaro, Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, etc. where the sales are heavily focused on merchandising rather than the cartoon itself. 

Nevertheless, it has won awards for its animation, Grande Prize in 2002's Korea Cartoon Award and Korea National Prize in 2003. Myoo was also granted "The Best Character" award in 2002 and "Korea Export Award" in 2003 by Korea's Culture Content Administration. 
The Story Of Myoo: (taken from the official website)

There is Myoo who has lived in a very tiny planet which made up ice and snow named Raska.
One day, Myoo's Raska was melted by Sauna planet so Myoo was in sorrow because of losing its shelter and it went to float in the boundless space riding with Moyo (Myoo's spaceship). Moyo ran out of fuel, and it made an emergency landing on Earth. As the earth was an unknown planet, Myoo was very lonely but Myoo came to meet kind friends like Kiry who's afraid of the dark and Nadu who guards Nadu tree, the only tree on Earth. When Myoo talks to them, Myoo gets to know about their dream and Uzcocopia...
Myoo gets a hope to get back to his lost Raksa when Myoo found the Uzcocopia...
This is the sweetest story about Myoo's friends in Myoo's long journey.
Err...okayy. Whatever, we only cared about how cute the stuffed toy is anyways. Which gets me to my main point: It's simply not cute enough for me; it's like the less cute version of Sailormoon's Chibichibi's cat, Lyuna. But it might will tempt SG fanatics. Hey, if Hyun Bin's poetry books could sell, there's no reason why this wouldn't, right?

As Seen On TV: 
Focus on the cat please, not the cleavage

A Closer Look At Myoo:
In case you're wondering, White Myoo and Black Myoo is one and the same character. Myoo changes into black when night comes.

Chloe Says: Hmm...I just might get me one of these in black.


  1. Tina. I agree.. Even i've bought them if i could..too bad, in my country i can't find something like that:) but it's really cute, and with the bed scene, i think everyone saw Myoo:D

  2. About the bed's funny 'cause while everyone was busy watching Ra Him and roommate, I was eyeing the cat :p

  3. Now that you've pointed it out, I want it...I'd like both, but if I could only have one, I would also go for the black Myoo. ^^

  4. hm..the creaters of myoo should really start selling these! i can't find them anywhere! i want one. i bet they would sell like hotcakes.

  5. i wanted them both since i saw them, can't wait for the selling to start, wish it is soon.

  6. Hi all Gardeners! Sorry for the late reply, but as stated above this cat has been selling way before SG was even broadcasted. But thanks to the show Myoo has gained more interest^^

    Please visit here to buy, linky:

    Please love Myoo well! :X

  7. That stuff toy can also be found on the writer-director's other dramas:

    Here's from City Hall:

  8. @mykoreancorner: Oooh had no idea! Guess it only recently got recognition thanks to SG huh? Heck, everything in SG is in the limelight! :-o

  9. how can i buy i cant understand its in korean!;'/