Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Happy For Today: A Collection Of Secret Garden Pics

Some photoshopped, some real; but every one of them fulfils my requirement for this post: Looking at it makes me feel light and buoyant inside^^

Ha Ji Won today:

Lookie what have we here! Oska looking yummy...nom nom:

Binnie just out of bed:

Joo Won committing a faux pas. Every little gesture he makes is so cute! 
I'm smiling to myself now, reminded of the time when he picked up the fork from the floor and continued using it, much to the horror of the three sitting next to him. 

"I just wanted to do this -to hold your hands like this." 

My favorite cake in the world happens to represent Oska's love for Seul :D

Real scene, fake background. Me likey:

Uber cool. Another real scene, fake background:

Real scene (her crying because of JW's mom), fake glasses and clothes:

From the person who brought you SG:
 Director-nim who brought us so many nice shots of our OTP!
Jotting down a message for dc fans:

A young fan (probably mama made him wear this):


  1. Thanks for the pics!
    I am also collecting my favorite secret garden pictures at the moment...to ease my anticipation of the next episode..
    Btw, i love that kid who wears sparkling tracksuit..It's so cute how everyone just loves it..

  2. Hahaha sparkly tracksuits are all the rage this days. It's still an oddity though, if you wear 'em everyone will immediately know your a Gardener:))

  3. ..haha...Gardener?..is that the official term for SG fans?..;))

  4. I guess so, by default;;) No one can think of a better name, so *shrugs*