Saturday, December 18, 2010

Short Notice V

Spoiler lines for tonight's Episode 11. Again I must make a disclaimer, I can't guarantee the accuracy of it but the translator is someone I heart since that she always brings me goodies that makes me giddy and keeps me content. She's says to take this with a pinch of salt, and so I'm relaying this to you.

In today's episode there'll be a lot of MEMORIES (memories I'm okay with, but if it's flashbacks, I politely decline, Show.)

A Few Lines...
Ra Im tells Joo Won's mom, "I think you are misunderstanding here. Joo Won thinks I'm his temporary girl but to me, he's a person I don't even want to have a temporary affair with."

And then she tells Joo Won, "Listen CLEARLY. Right now I don't even want to spend a second with you. Let's not meet each other again, you got that?"

Gil Ra Im, you heartbreaker...
On a positive note, if this one is the scene in the cafe it doesn't really corroborate with the spoiler in words. Unless it's in another setting.
A Phone Call between Joo Won and Oska:
   JW: Hyung, I have confidence.
Oska: What confidence?
   JW: The confidence to not let that woman go not to fall in love with her. [edited post airing]

Oh dramagods. Please make this one real and the previous one fake
I take that back. Joo Won, you @$%!^#
Ra Im thinks back of her memories with Joo Won: The Sit Ups, The Hug

And then some other memories...

Spoilers end here. Now posting on what's guaranteed to be real, since it's pictures. Another scene of Oska in the coffee shop again. Filmed today (18/12/2010).

At Caffe Bene (the only cafe they go to)

Off the site
Some candid shots of Ha Ji Won:

Via Baidu (chinese translations), and the respective sources of the photos


  1. chloe thanks for the spoilers , they are scene from the long preview of today's epi , u can find the preview posted by whitefox on soompi

  2. Ohhh so it's from THAT 6 min trailer...thanks for telling me Anonymous! ;))

  3. from soulrebel translation
    about phone call between JooWon and Oska :

    JW to Oska: Hyung I really had confidence.

    Oska: What confidence?

    JW: That I wouldn't fall for that woman.

    I'm confused...which is accurate ?

  4. Hi Anonymous#2!

    I went back and checked the chinese translation, and I'm sure 100% on my part it wasn't a mistake.

    However since I do not know Korean I can't vouch for the Korean-Chinese translation part. It could've been a mistake on the original Korean source (in words) or the chi trans error.

    Since softy is doing it first-hand, I'd probably bet on hers :D (but damn, did JW really say that? How can I find it in myself to 4give him now?!!) ~x(

  5. hi chloe , this is anonyim December 18, 2010 6:50 :)
    you're welcome dear .concerning what JW told oska , don't be angry at my JW , I really felt sad for him , according to softy's translation he said that he was confident that he won't fall for her but now he doesn't know what it's hurting so much , the way he was talking to oska , that was really touching I was almost in tear for him becoz I felt he is leaving " war " between his heart and his mind and this is torturing him , my poor sweetoo