Sunday, December 12, 2010

Short Notice III

Another epic line by Joo Won. Add it to your list! (Edited post-airing of Ep10)

Chloe Says: I suspect this is will happen after Damo's shooting, when the whole (action) crew goes out for dinner. 
When three people goes for a drink...

The drunk Joo Won wants to go to Ra Im's home (What? And stay in that National Geographic house? If that ain't love, what is?)

Jong Soo asks him, "Who are you to go to her house?"

He replied: 
"I'm someone who has changed her (clothespanties), bathe her and fed her beforebrush her teeth thrice a day."
Ooof my heart! I suspected the one I translated wasn't accurate (the said dc post have been removed), but this one is lmao scandalous. SG needs more drunk Joo Won for its scenes!

Via dc, chinese translation from Baidu


  1. OMGGGGGGG I just looove JW , can't stop laughing