Monday, June 17, 2013

Love Around Episode 3 Preview (Updated)

To be honest, I don't know what to make of this preview because I don't know what is going on. There isn't much clue as to what is coming either. Only obvious thing is she-whom-I-asked-not-to-come-back is already back, after only one episode. The preview is also dreadfully short (live-shooting fatigue showing already?).

Not much in way of excitement, but oh well...

Episode 3 Preview:


Zhou Zhen: Why did you ask to meet me here?
Xiao Shu: Let's go in first.

Xiao Shu pushes against a door, meeting with resistance. Pin Ying is shown to be on the other side, pushing against Xiao Shu.

Zhou Zhen looks uncertain...
New Preview (130619) - She's my ex-girlfriend


Zhou Zhen: Didn't you say that no matter how much it hurts, what has to be ended should be done once and for all?

Xiao Shu: As long as it's in the right direction, you'll definitely find your happiness again!

Zhou Zhen: She's... my ex-girlfriend.

Ok, we have a little more - Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu go to a baseball match, presumably to cheer and support each other through their break-up slumps, and somehow end up in more skinship-inducing situations. Still not sure what Miss C's deal is.

I haven't really heard from anyone else who's watching the show - what are your thoughts?


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    1. Hi there! Nice to hear from you :) Glad to hear that you love the show - any specific thoughts you'd like to share?

  2. Hey, do you know exactly when the 3 episode will arive?

    1. Hi~ This drama airs every Sunday night, at 10-11.30pm (GMT/UTC+8). It may be available online 2-3 hours after it ends.

  3. Hi rose,

    The broadcasters you mentioned are Korean. This is a Taiwanese show :)

    It airs on TTV and SETTV in Taiwan.

  4. Has anyone watched "My Lucky Star".. It is also a taiwanese drama and is very similar with this one