Monday, December 6, 2010

The Absurdity of 36-24-34

I can describe Episode 7 in 3 letters: LOL (okay it's an 
abbreviation, but still...). It's an eye opener to see how ridiculous some things are when the gender gets reversed. Even the simple everyday things we take for granted, like Joo Won cooking (not the cooking part, but the fact that JOO WON is doing it).

Joo Won's password and ideal woman stats is 36-24-34
In case you're wondering why such a hot catch (on paper, that is) like Joo Won is single, the answer lies in three pairs of digits, also known as a woman's critical statistics (i.e bust-waist-hips). Since the dawn of time, the ideals of beauty has been ever changing, but this one pretty much takes the cake. Who set these things anyway?

Joo Won's momma must've had a hard time picking a mat-seon partner for him. Just as a reference, Korea's Barbie doll Han Chae Young and Taiwan's supermodel Lin Chi Ling is 34-24-35 with Park Si Yeon at a close 36-24-36. Stay happy being single for the rest of your life, Joo Won. 

Trivia for this scene: The password code Joo Wanda haphazardly guessed was 0925, which is Hyun Bin's birthday.

My Favorite Things: The TEs
As much as I adore Joo Wanda and Ra Him, I want them to get back to normal ASAP. Without binnie playing Joo Won, he's even more of an ass than usual. As for Ra Im...can we say Ra Wimp? I understand that their character's personality were made extreme to highlight the gender swap, but I find it hard to believe that Joo Won would eye the breasts of every single woman he comes across. 
That's why I really appreciated the little moments when they showed us the true essence of the bodies' souls. It was nice to see Joo Won comforting Ra Im in his own special way, and Ra Im's no longer wimpy as she tries to put on a strong front after being terrorized by Joo Won momma.

And who can forget another "true essence" (TE) moment where Joo Won fends off another Ra Im admirer, telling threatening Oska with a stay in jail if he continues to pursue Ra Im. I love to watch k-guys go possessive over their girl, and this scene is no exception, Hyun Bin's eyes as he said those words send shivers down my spine.

Now, if only they did a TE moment for the Joo Won's confrontation with Phillip Lee, that would have made the soul swap experience in Episode 7 perfect for me.


  1. I know! I'm ecstatic they switched back cuz I want to see the real Joo Won, not Ra Im soul in his body. Hyun Bin plays the feminine version perfectly though & he's very funny but I prefer their old selves, more tension & sexiness. :D

    Not sure how these two are going to come together, cuz they're 2 people from different classes obviously. The scene where Joo Won (RI) pick up the spoon & worst cleaning it using his thousand dollar shirt is just wrong! Writers are going a bit far to show the differences between two classes. Any gal who's in a high class restaurant/resort should at least know some etiquette... Ra Im doesn't seem like she's that country pumpkin

  2. Thanks for that cute trivia! Mayve the PD just gave HB the discretion to choose whatever set of numbers for this scene, and the easiest would be your own bday right?! heehee

    I love the term you use for that "soul-swap" thingy on both episodes, TRUE ESSENCE. You nailed it right down to the core! What I love about is the cinematography and how it highlights the acting and facial expressions of both actors. How it compares when HJW is acting RI and when it is acted out by HB. I commend HB for doing a wonderful job as RI. I think its more easy for HJW to do JW, but for HB to do ally these girly, wimpy, damsel-in-distress charater of RI is so fun to watch.

    I also agree that during the switch, Joo Wonda is Joo-Wimpy.

  3. Hi jeezvive! Nice to see a fellow fan from soompi;)) Yes, TE moments are the highlights, aren't they? Plus the fact that it's not so often makes it even more precious to watch:X

  4. I've been following your blog since I first saw it in viki, thanks much for your insights!

    Like I said in soompi earlier I am following SG because of YSH, but as I watch the drama, I am becoming a fan of our 2 leads for all of their wonderful acting.

  5. Hi Chloe, nice blog! Like jeezvive, I also saw one of your post on viikii (or viki now and I kinda like what they've done with the site). Anyways, you pointed out a good point, which have been circling my mind for the last few episodes. I also find it hard to believe that Joo Won would look at every female breast he encounters, especially Seul's. It's out of JW's character, but I'm letting it slide since it's for LOL purposes (at least, for me) ;)