Friday, January 28, 2011

Lee Min-jung in all her wedding splendor

For her upcoming show, Midas perhaps?
Nah - me thinks not, it's most likely for a CF or something. She updated photos of her in a strapless wedding gown on her minihompy on the 20th, eliciting many favorable comments from the netizens on how she looked in that wedding dress. 

I must say I'm not really looking forward to Midas, I've got enough gambling subplots from All In already, so thanks but no thanks. But then I sooooo love the cast. Lee Min-jung is my girl crush and Jang Hyuk is my man crush. So how can I not check this out? Gah, darn you two good lookin' people! 

SBS's Mon-Tue drama, Midas will be premiering on the 21st of February.

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