Friday, January 28, 2011

Binnie's Transformation For Come Rain, Come Shine

The following post is about my Binnie love. Stay clear if you think you might puke (just kidding). 

Hyun Bin: From chadonam (brash urban male) to kkotminam (pretty flower boy)
If you ask me, my sole purpose of watching Come Rain, Come Shine is to see how Binnie's hair moves when the wind sways, but as a blogger one cannot sound too shallow or one will lose credit (sheesh as if I haven't already). But seriously though, being the only South Korean film to be nominated for BIFF's prestigious Golden Bear award has got to mean something, no?

In Come Rain, Come Shine, Binnie shows us a different side of him, unlike his similar-ish roles in My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Secret Garden and Late Autumn. In CR,CS he plays a thoughtful urban male, "thoughtful" as in "caring-but-I-don't-know-what's-going-on-his-mind". 
If anything, he's too thoughtful: Upon hearing his wife is going to leave him for another man, not only is he NOT upset, he helps her pack her luggage and books her a place at her favorite restaurant for dinner. 

Hmm...his character sounds like an extreme's of that second lead in Oh! My Lady. I don't know about you, but I prefer a chadonam anytime. "Thoughtfulness" of this extent isn't human, it creeps me out and it sounds like he's treating her nice only to murder her later or something (if this were Real Life, but since this is an art film...).

In Secret Garden, he played a "cold" Binnie, a playboy in Late Autumn and now a thoughtful/considerate fellow in this movie. Come Rain, Come Shine is releasing in cinemas on March 3.

Watch the trailer here:

Via Chosun Ilbo


  1. Gosh...his hair and his 5 o'clock shadow make me fainted! I can't wait for watching his other performance here...tho' like you said, his character seems too nice to be true

  2. For me it is the! hair! I find it endlessly fascinating:-o

  3. Did you watch this? Where were you able to see it? I can't seem to find any where I can rent the dvd, or pay to download and watch. Can you give us a synopsis if you did watch it?