Friday, March 25, 2011

Spoiler In Words: The Fierce Wife Episode 20 + Preview Vids

~Tip Twenty: I am my daughter's protector!~
At her home, Wei En encounter some paparazzi sneaking around, wanting to hear more on An Zhen's story. Facing the paparazzi, Wei En leads them on with misleading statements. 

The next day, An Zhen and Tian Wei become headline on the cover of the gossip rag, the truth becomes twisted. An Zhen's home gets stalked by reporters.
Upon hearing the news, together with Ai Ling, Tian Wei finds the paparazzi responsible, and they discover that Wei En is behind this. Ai Ling is furious and confronts Wei En.
An Zhen's in-laws also get stalked by reporters. Upon hearing the news and that Wei En is behind this, Father-in-law decides to end the gossip once and for all! In tears, he reveals the truth to the reporters that An Zhen is the innocent party in all this and that Wei En is in fact the third party!
With the crisis resolved, Ai Ling, Kang De and his wife celebrates at An Zhen's home. In the midst of the happy conversations, suddenly Meng Meng's shrill scream shocks everyone.

Chloe Says: Anyhow, this is improvement! No mention of cheating hubby in this spoiler, it's indeed worth the celebration :D

Previews of Episode 20:
1) Even if I'm wrong you have to love me

2) I thought I'd be very happy

Via SETTV's Official TFW Website


  1. This is the preview of episode 19 not 20 ^^

  2. Sorry dear, although I'm not watching I should have *read* properly, sigh...

    Have done the necessary damage control. Should be ok now? ;;)

  3. No problem, don't worry too much about it lol