Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jo In Sung gets discharged from military service, asked to comment on Hyun Bin?

May is Military Mania: My crush since forever has been discharged from the military yesterday! Although I'm sure y'all kdramafans know that already ;) He was greeted by a whole lotta people yesterday at as early as 10 AM at Osan Air Force Operations Command in Pyeongtaek City, Gyeonggi-do and stood smiling, looking happy and healthy as he salutes in front of reporters. 

Okay, now I'm worried. Why does he looks so good while Binnie practically looks like an egg on a stick? 
When asked by the throngs of reporters on what advice he could give to popular k-actor Hyun Bin who's currently serving the military, he tactfully replies: "At this point, there's nothing much I can say that will help." He went on to say: "In the army, my successor's name is Yoon Hyun Bin. Today he replaced me. Sorry I am old, sorry I couldn't take better care of him, I feel so apologetic towards him." (lol, smart. He goes on to talk about another Hyun Bin)

In the military Jo In Sung is highly valued for completing his tasks diligently and contributing towards the overall improvement of the Air Force's image. Earlier on the 2nd he was personally awarded a certificate of recognition by the Air Force Chief of Staff for his contributions; then later in the morning he was awarded a recognition plaque by National Defense Committee, thus drawing a satisfactory conclusion to his army life. 

Because he still has to attend a brief farewell meeting held for the discharging soldiers and their successors later that day, after half an hour of the press conference and greeting to fans who came to see him, he left to attend the farewell meeting. 

Jo In Sung has been chosen as the "Most Anticipated Actor Comebacks"; he has already chosen his upcoming project, an action-fantasy film Kwon Bob. He will proceed to film after a period of well deserved rest.

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