Sunday, May 1, 2011

Look What They Wore!

This post has absolutely no purpose whatsoever...well except maybe for the eye candy factor. Feel free to skip this post it if you have no interest in Jung Il Woo, Kim Sang Kyung or pretty people in pretty clothes (well, at least most of them look great). These are what the following k-stars wore to the opening ceremony for the 12th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF). 
*oogles at You-Know-Who* 

Oppa looks so smart (*o*)

Many photos here, but I barely recognize half the crowd. To me, that can only mean one thing...they don't do kdramas. Must be models/singers/MCs/pop idols or something. 

I LOVEEE the silhouette of this dress. Mermaid gowns are usually hit-or-miss, guessed she scored the jackpot with this one. 

She actually looks decent from the upper half, but it looks like someone couldn't decide whether they wanted to don flared pants or a mini. I say either way it's a disaster. 

This one actually shocked me, she looks like Attic Cat's Jung Da Bin! (RIP)

Wow...very ethereal. But imo her looks saved the dress, not really a fan of the upper half of it. 

Opting for a safe look with a simple maxidress. 

Again, simple. But perhaps out of the norm with the short cocktail party dress. 

This outfit would be a atrocious if not for the cinch detail at the abdomen. 

All in all, a glamourous afternoon outing :)

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