Friday, May 20, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Can You Hear My Heart? Episode 16

Reading this makes me wanna abandon everything I'm doing now and go catch up on last week's episodes. As a dramaddict this is what I LIVE for, love ∆ uhuhu...
Pass - Jewelery

The romance nuances in this series has always been kinda vague, with the whole Maroo Oppa (brother or first love?) and piano-ist chingu (friend or first love?). Not to mention I'm not sure what kind of feelings Jun Ha harbors for Woo Ri. I thought I had been over analyzing things, but no, OF COURSE there IS a love triangle present, this is a kdrama for chrissakes. 

Spoiler In Words
Jun Ha pulls Woo Ri out from the Japanese restaurant; and when they went up to Namsan Mountain, Woo Ri tells him that Ma Roo was her first love (i.e it IS him himself, bah)
Dong Joo and finds out that Woo Ri is with Jun Ha, and Jun Ha tells Woo Ri that he is not going to America (like duh, you're the second lead. What will we do without you?).

Via Baidu's Can You Hear My Heart


  1. OMG the picture is so cute!!! Can you give me the link to it so i can go save (a bigger/cleaer version of) it?!?!?!?!
    AND YOU NEED TO WATCH EP14 ASAP! What's the hold up? =DDD

  2. Sobs, I knoes I need to hurry up and watch everything! P.S: I'll do a In Manga post for CYHMH soon :D