Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spoiler In Words: 49 Days Ep. 16

The moment we've all been waiting for...
Scheduler: T_T
hellochloe: T_T 

Spoiler In Words
Through Ji Hyun, the Scheduler (i.e Yi Soo) gets hold of his past photos. Suddenly, Ji Hyun's appearance with Yi Kyung's from five years ago overlaps. Yi Soo remembers those times that he fought with Yi Kyung due to a misunderstanding. As a result, he recalls the memories he had with Yi Kyung and his feelings for her. He weeps, remembering his old life. 
On the other hand, the Min Ho who knows about Ji Hyun possessing Yi Kyung's body goes to Yi Kyung's place and secretly hands over a check to the landlord, asking her to drive Yi Kyung out of her property...


  1. Do you hear this sound?

    Is my heart breaking into pieces... (lol dramatic much?) T.T my poor scheduler, my poor Yi kyung.

    I got teary just watching the preview showing my dear scheduler crying.

  2. Oh I forgot! ^^Thank you for posting this!^^ so fast ^^ kisses :x

  3. @Anavi: You're welcome and no I can't hear it, 'cause mine is ripping LOUDER (girl we can both do the dramatic:(( )

    The saddest past is that he is already dead =(( Am I stupid for wishing there'll be a happy outcome? Sighhh...

  4. I know... he died. This is sooo sad. I just love tragic love stories too much, but in this one no happy ending. T_T I also wish something happen... a magic happen and they be together and all happy.
    *Is a fantasy drama afterall*