Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 3 + Ep Preview

Sweet Dreams - Jang Nara (remember this song??)

There was once a period when our local TV aired nothing but Jang Nara: from her MVs to a succession of dramas from My Love Patzzi to A Successful Story Of A Bright Girl (a youthful Jang Hyuk!). Can't believe it has nearly been a decade since then...
Spoiler In Words
So Young is forced to back out and take the blame when an important clothing sample has gone missing.  But with her wit, she is offered a job as a designer instead. 

So Young makes up her mind to not use her 25-year-old sister, Lee So Jin's identity but to proudly work as the 35-year-old Lee So Young. Alas, will she really be able to make it?? Stay tuned for a comedic episode of Lee So Young getting kicked out of the company!! (Again?!)

Episode 3's Preview: 


  1. I loved Jang Nara. Her dramas was one of the first Kdrama I watched... but somehow I'm not excited to watch this one :( I think is better, If I end up addicted to all new dramas, I'll go crazy xD

  2. @anavi: Well I'm glad you still have your sanity intact XD

    As for me I really can't say, since I've yet to watch any of the new dramas. It's going to be tough choosing b-(