Monday, May 9, 2011

Jo In Sung returns with Black Yak photoshoot

Doesn't this man just oozes gentlemanly charm? Even dressed in climbing and mountaineering clothing, he does not look like he's roughing it AT ALL. He might as well be wearing a tux with that expression. In the next picture he tries for the "tough guy" image. *raises eyebrows*
Behold, Jo In Sung looking "fierce", with the theme of the photoshoot being "Modern and Limit". During the shooting he is seen breathing heavily at times, and sometimes leisurely wondering, interpreting the scenes just right. 

A member of the shooting crew said: "This is his first photoshoot after retirement, although at the beginning (he) was somewhat awkward, he quickly adapted and found his niche like the professional actor he is and is able to act very naturally; it's impressive. Especially with the long period of shooting when everyone is mentally and physically exhausted, he is still smiling and accommodating towards his photoshoot partner, (he's) a real lady killer."

LOL, I can so imagine that.

Via Yahoo! Taiwan

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