Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Can You Hear My Heart? Episode 15

Judging from the praises I've been singing on all the dramas lately, you might think that I'm just being diplomatic or trying to stay Switzerland to prevent backlashing in here. But no, it's really that GOOD, all these dramas. 2011 has turned out to be a golden year for romcoms, a genre that I love to death.
I've also noticed that many A-list film stars are starting to move to smaller screens too. Psst: I think it's because they are all hoping to emulate the kdrama hit that was so so popular it shot all four stars starring in it to superstardom, none other than my fav SeGa (Secret Garden), hehe.

Spoiler In Words
Grandma Soon Geum arrives at Shin Ae's house, only to meet with Jin Chul (i.e. Dong Joo's evil dad). She forgets that Shin Ae had asked her to hide herself well, and tries to hit Jin Chul. Remembering the times Shin Ae has suffered, she could not help but shed tears.
Dong Joo has a meal with the family at Young Kyu's house, and when Joon Ha sees Dong Joo and Woo Ri coming out side by side, he broods feels extremely sad (seriously what is the point boy? You brought this upon yourself, geez).
Woo Ri, Joon Ha and Dong Joo prepares to go out together for a drink, but at the  restaurant they met with Jin Chul...

Credits: Cutey fan art by pooky, thank you! 


  1. Dude, I totally did not switch gears yet as i was reading this and as I was reading the 1st line of the spoiler, i thought i was reading by Romance Town, especially since it mention the name Soon Geum. Lol.
    Ahh, I miss the old sega days....
    Omg Omg that fan art is soooo cute.
    Gosh, I need to watch 15! I need to know what happens after the kiss! Are you all caught up yet...or did i spoil something for u? ;]

  2. *i thought I was reading spoiler of Romance Town

  3. OMG CAN YOU HEAR MY HEART IS SOOOO GOOD!! its MAY MADNESS I TELL YOU lol all the dramas right now are so good *___*

    and joon ha really? no one stopped you from going back to your real family :-t


  4. @ilikehim: Kissu? Kyaaaa~ Thank U ilikeyou! :D

    @Anonymous: Huh tell me about it, dad is evil reincarnatex( Has been nasty since day one, disgusting fella. And the mistress? eww.