Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Romance Town Ep. 1 (err, Version 2.0?) + Teaser II

Looks like KBS released another SIW along with the 2nd teaser. (more like the 1st one vanished, heh). What happened?? Perhaps they thought it was TMI and they want to keep it mysterious? 
Kiss And Tell - The Black Skirts 

Grreaatt. Now it will be TTMI (Too Too Much Info) for those who'd already read the first one. 

Spoiler In Words (2nd Version)
As the only two female students in the whole school, Soon Geum and Shi Ah are good friends. 
The mom who did everything she could to keep her daughter from becoming a maid like her; the college tuition she painstakingly saved for four years has been taken away my dad in the middle of the night...

Soon Geum arrives at the hotel in an attempt to stop Shi Ah from becoming a "female companion". There she bumps into Gun Woo and despite unwilling to, she pays the tab for the beer on his behalf. 
Soon Geum writes her number on a napkin and hands it to Gun Woo. And the place that she went to after receiving a call to get the money back turns out to be Gangnam-gu, the superfabulously rich district. And the maids in the household, they all looked at Soon Geum with deference in their eyes...

#2 Teaser - I love the direction they are going with the series and if this is how it is, I'm tuning it for sure! Crackling chemistry between Yuri and Jung Gyu Woon and I want to see more :D

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