Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spoiler In Words: 49 Days Ep. 20

Bye bye, so long and thanks for the tears. WTF?!!! This doesn't look to good *cold sweat*
Spoiler In Words
Yi Kyung looks at Ji Hyun with a surprised expression on her face. Ji Hyun tells her about how her fate will turn out, and begs her not to tell Han Kang. 

Ji Hyun brings a picnic basket to Han Kang's restaurant, and requests that they act like lovers on a date for the day...

Chloe Says: Oh no oh no oh no, I'll never be the same again if this turns out badly. How much more tears do you want me to shed? There is a great chance that I might die of dehydration. 


  1. as I've expected!! is this mean it not gonna be end like SG endings? grrrr x(

    are we going to see Ji Hyun dies? I dun feel good about this. OMG! :(( *tears tears tears*

  2. Waeee???? So unfair even SG had a good ending *sobs*

  3. I guess the true purpose of 49 Days is to return everything to the right place. So, I guess the endings is a lil bit makes sense to me heh :)

    I kinda shocked when it ended up like that esp who's going to be a real couple in the end but now I've enjoyed watching 49 Days so far ;)

  4. @pudding pie: I can take unhappy endings, as long as it is done right (i.e no wtf moments).

    Haven't even watched 18 yet, I'm getting a nervous breakdown for falling behind in my kdrama schedule :((

  5. hahaha take your time slowly. You're gonna get heart attack by now

    It's true I've enjoyed watching it every weeks but to come until this result? Honestly, yeah I'm fuckin' hate the ending.. it makes sense but still i'm not satisfying a lil bit of it.. :-o

  6. @pudding pie: Okayyy, I'll tell you what I think about the ending after I get around to finish it. Still dwnloading the epis... :)

  7. the ending is good :) but sad :(( and dose make sense everything goes back to its place love this drama 49 days 4eva :X

  8. @iknowuno: I think I can take this. I like the idea of the scriptwriter wanting to make a point with the show, instead of resorting to a happy ending for mere fanservice. Sometimes, thought provoking shows are good for you ;)