Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Romance Town Episode 5

When kdrama men piss off their woman by belittling their worth (Best Love: "Stay for the night", RoTo: "You just want to seduce a rich man, don't you?). Kdrama heroines will immediately feel offended by the idea that they could be bought for money and start to cry (although in less grave situations, some do get pissed off and kick ass). This time around, I think Sung Yuri's Puss in Boots-like eyes won over Gong Hyo Jin's cries over fallen potatoes. 

Perhaps I'm bias over anything RoTo, or maybe it's because one could only lament over soju, while the other has the ultimate hot geek Yoon Kye Sang's shoulder to cry on. Whadduthink?

Spoiler In Words
When the maids discovered that they have won the forth prize, they are busy contemplating on how to spend the money. Meanwhile Soon Geum who has won the first prize brought her money to the real estate agency, and Young Hee discovers that she is using 1.5 billion to buy a house.
When Driver Oh calls Gun Woo to tell him that he saw Choon Jak halmoni, Gun Woo immediately rushes out of the department store. And then a beautiful lady clothe in designer brands worth 18 million appeared in front of him. Gun Woo has an immediate crush on her, and he hands her his coffee card that has already been stamped with 10 stamps...
Chloe Says: RoTo is just wacky like that! A coffee card to hit on a lady? You rock, Show lol.

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