Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Baby-Faced Beauty Episode 4

Still having electricity...wtf false alarm. 
Jang Nara now and then...a decade ago.

Spoiler In Words
Never in his wildest dreams did Jin Wook considered that So Young is actually 34 years of age; he sets her up with the head of a section (reorganization? not sure whatsit) in a departmental store, Ahn Jung Nam who thinks that So Young is a young lady. However in the midst of the blind date, something happened which made Seung Il speechless...

To top it off, back at Seung Il's house So Young had an embarrassing encounter with Yoon Seo who sees her looking like a drown rat. On the other hand, Jin Wook and Ahn Jung Nam went so far as to fight because of So Young. And when she gets sent to the police station, her ID card will be exposed, it's the greatest crisis ever! 

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