Monday, May 16, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Romance Town Episode 3

Ro-o-omance Town, romance town! I'm so in town for this one: No surprise on which trendy that has captured my heart, surpassing even the bigger names and more hyped-about ones. I guess that's the charm of the writer, who wrote Pasta that turned out to be an word-of-mouth hit through kdrama grapevines. 
On Rainy Days - BEAST

I'm currently on a mission to pimp the show, so if you see me in Darksmurf or viki doing subs, please say hi :)

Spoiler In Words
Soon Geum's dad gets involved in a struggle and needs a large sum of money for the surgery. In order to raise the money she meets with the maids of 1st Street, but bumps into the one that wants to get rid of her, Gun Woo. The lottery in her hands is even snatched away.
The maids suspect that Soon Geum is keeping her lottery win a secret because of her dad's surgery fees, and in order to expose her lie they sneak into Gun Woo's house...

Via Baidu's Romance Town


  1. Nooo she will lose the ticket! Oh crap... I see that comming. Also the ticket isn't hers. Not entirely, right? It's of all the maids that bet... I wonder how things will turn out...

    Also poor little kid! No one thought in him even a bit... he is all alone in the house, and also with a stepmother who 'loves' him very much....

    Aigooo. Hope the grandma clear the things out about the girl being a nice person.

    Btw, thanks for helping on viki Chloe! I saw your help there while I watched the episode (I always watch with the subtitle editor opened.)

  2. Hello Anavi! Yeah but will she somehow gain it back? That is the question...I thought she was suppose to ACTUALLY win the damn lottery, meh.

    Yeah poor kid! I was so mad at the whole household, but that's what you get when the father is such a dickhead. Poor kids (that includes Gun Woo).

  3. I hate her father, I hate all the fathers in the drama who are good for nothing except robbing their child.
    Let him die !

  4. I think I'll watch this drama in KBS World ;;)) since Kaedejun recap it in Dramabeans & of course Jung Gyu Woon!! ;)

    Honestly, I'm not expecting this drama so much like 49 Days earlier but I've ended up loving 49 Days so much! hahahah so, I'm looking forward on Romance Town now..

  5. @Anonymous: Oh boy wait till you watch Baby Faced. You'll cough up blood I swear~x(

    @pudding pie: Cis so late! You should've listen to my singing (of praises) earlier. Go and watch it N.O.W, pudding. You can thank me later:D

  6. cannot meh? hahaha ;) May seem way too much of
    k-dramas for me to watch especially Wed-Thurs drama lineups.

    Too many good dramas! okay, I'd better say it now, thank you HC. I'll watch it thanks to you :D

  7. @pudding: yeah you go girl! enjoy the awesomeness of RT<3