Monday, May 16, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Lie To Me Ep. 3

Isn't this pretty? It's fan-made:
Spoiler In Words
Under infuriating circumstances caused by So Ran, Ah Jung happens to see Ki Joon passing by at that moment. She goes and call out, "Honey, I'm here!". Hearing that Ki Joon's face froze, the smile on his face gone. In shock to hear that, So Ran and her husband turns around to see what's going on while Ah Jung smiles triumphantly. 

But Ah Jung soon realizes her mistake when her eyes met with Ki Joon's, whose eyes are burning with anger. Not only that, the whole crowd along the corridor is looking at her. 
On one hand, Ah Jung enters while following the officers, using her clothes to conceal herself as she fears she would bump in to Ki Joon. Although apprehensive about the staff and guests around her, she is relieved when she thinks it will all be over once she gets to the elevator. Unexpectedly (not) though, she sees Ki Joon who is inside the elevator. Ah Jung feels like she has been electrocuted, frozen in place... 

Via Baidu's Lie To Me


  1. thanks for the prev. LOVE this drama

  2. Yep yep. I like it alot too :X

  3. Ditto. I like it a lot too.