Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Drunken To Love You Episode 5

Pepper & Salt - Lara

Oh. My. Blogger. They did not just do this to me, after FINALLY being able to login after being kept out the whole day only to find all the SIWs I posted yesterday have vanished into thin air (now I know why Error 404 exists)! Oh pleaseee tell me that this is only temporary!!
Baka blogger(>.<)o You better keep your promise. Yaksok! 

~Cup 5: Happiness on loan~

With the help of Xiao Ru the good wife(y), Jie Xiu's work is completed successfully! After going through such tribulations and making it through, the couple's relationship has unknowingly become stronger and Xiao Ru's stubbornness has made Jie Xiu take a good look at his love relationship with Ai Wei. What is he looking for: The beautiful but distant stars or a warm candlelight as company? 
The sensitive Ai Wei notices the changes in Jie Xiu, and the two got into a big fight. 

But even when the three of them are entangled in a complicated love triangle, a forth player joins the fray! Seeing that his heart is shaken because of Ai Wei, what kind of impact will he bring upon the trio? 

Seeing Peggy's desperate measures, Xiao Ru decides to step back and let her love for Yi Xiang go.
However, even though she is as tough as a wild boar, having to sever all these years worth of feelings has been nothing less than painful. Seeing Xiao Ru suffering, Jie Xiu proposes a "Happiness On Loan" confession (Oh M Gee it finally clicks *remembers sweet trailer*)

As the saying goes: "To return what has been borrowed will only make it easier to borrow the next time around." (don't mind me, it's just a Chinese proverb meaning it gets easier and easier to borrow something). But if it's borrowing the happiness that is oh-so-hard to find, one may not want to return it, EVER...
Chloe Says: Oh yes, please make that an IOU for forever. 

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