Saturday, March 8, 2014

Of crack shows and drama marathons.

Something very disturbing is happening. Despite my misgivings towards twdramas in general, I found myself in the midst of wanting to watch one. Drat, I thought, it's that pesky time of the year again. Usually, I'd stick to re-watching some of my old favorites (see above), but this time, I wanted something new. Preferably something I could not recite the lines to. So in an uncharacteristic burst of optimism, I downloaded a bunch of twdrama pilots, all but ready for a drama marathon.

I'll have you know, twdramas are not my usual cup of tea. I used to feel very strongly towards twdramas, and only this Malaysianism could adequately express my anguish: Beh tahan!! Especially the string of idol dramas that imploded during the 00's, where watching one would put me in physical pain. Everything, from the acting to the plot, felt so forced and unnatural, and by the thirty-second mark I'd be dying from secondhand embarassment. Sticking to kdramas seemed like the wiser (not to mention self-loving) choice.

I wasn't until ISWAK happened that I begin to entertain the notion that there were some good ones out there. I'd just have to find IT, I thought. And the key to surviving the twdrama landscape, I found, is not to take the whole shebang too seriously. So what if the show starts off with the OTP shacking up (in a case of mistaken identity) because of a flu pill? Should you let those not-so-occasional logic-defying stunts stop you from enjoying your ou xiang ju?

Well, no!

[Bonus Tip: Those are actually opportune moments to touch up on that week-old manicure.]

But I digress. So, what gives? Because sometimes you get lucky, and when that happens, sandwiched between those eyeball-rolling moments, are scenes that resonates with you - be it an emotional scene that has you crying along with the OTP, or an understated one that has you on a fluffy cloud of shippy feels.

And that one show - just one - will be worth going through all the nine %^#$@^@ shows out there.

Man, I'm so game for the next round.


  1. So did you find anything? I used to love Twdramas but I'll admit I haven't watched any lately. Other than Just You - which I absolutely loved despite the stupid cheese!! I started watching just to laugh at it and next thing was sucked in and addicted by their chemistry. lol

    As for kdramas, I just finished You From Another Star - epic, btw. I think it's going in my top 5!

    1. Kdramas - I'm in the middle of Star (which I have yet to pick up after my vacation), just finished INR 3, which I wholeheartedly declare to be the bestest season - the two leads are puppies. ACTUAL PUPPIES.

      Twdramas - In A Good Way, which I love love love - and it has absolutely NO CHEESE, but in the bestest way because it just makes the sweet moments so believable and in a way it's like a slice of life story but it's not Zzzz. Am I making sense here? D:

  2. INR3 was awesome. Woonie was so adorable! I've been reading Koala's recaps of In A Good Way, it sounds good!