Friday, April 29, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Drunken To Love You Episode 3 + Preview Video

Small talk: Don't cha think that the Mont Blanc roles are getting more and more obvious by each series? In FTLY, Xin Yi pawn her beloved gold necklace to get a b-day gift for Ethan (which is forgettable), then you have P.S MAN having a Mont Blanc necklace (that "coincidentally" matches Bianca's earrings) featured in a more luxurious setting. 
The opening theme of Drunken To Love You:
Play Against The Rules (Bu An Pai Li Chu Pai) - Magic Power 

And now you have the ultimate, prominently displayed ring (which I'd like to call The Small A$$ Diamond Ring) featured right in the first epi! Modeled by none other than Tiffany Xu and in posters by the OTP. I sense an even more in-your-face placement in the future, heh. 

~Cup 3: "You took what's mine." - but who's the real culprit, you or me?~

Jie Xu strips (oh no yeahhh, you know where this is going don't cha) in preparation for a bath, not noticing that Xiao Ru is fell asleep in the bathtub while cleaning it. With Jie Xu in all his naked glory, Xiao Ru's throws a fit in "anger" (embarassment, really) and the two split. 
Xiao Ru tells Meng Jun she's going to the place where Yi Xiang and her dated before, in hopes to forget and "heal" herself while Jie Xu scoffed and rushed on with his proposal. The proposal will be on a big scale, and the fastidious director is also looking forward to their second collabaration. He's pressured by the upcoming reception in three days, but vows to do well. 

Xiao Ru goes to the cafe they (meaning Yi Xiang, not Jie Xu) went before, and quietly left the cafe. Meanwhile, Jie Xu is overseeing the construction work. He gets angry when the workers made a mistake. The workers are unhappy with him too. 
Meng Jun calls Jie Xu, telling him that Xiao Ru's act of brushing the bathtub is her way of venting her frustrations. She concludes that Xiao Ru must be under tremendous stress lately and tells him to look after her. 

Jie Xu looks for Xiao Ru, and finally finds her by the sea...
Xiao Ru arrives at the hotel, decides to have some time alone with Yu Xiang to talk to him. Meng Jun helps by distracting Peggy away.
Xiao Ru vents by stuffing herself at Jie Xu's place. The tidy Jie Xu could not tolerate the mess and they argue, in a tackle for the pizza they both rolled to the ground (LMAO)
Suddenly, Ai Wei who has just came in saw the whole thing (uh-oh *rubs hand in glee*)

The preview:

Credits: Photos taken from DTLY Facebook, spoiler translated by hellochloe.

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