Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hyun Bin Sells Poetry...And It Sells

Remember the poetry books the lovelorn Binnie read in Episode 3? Well, it seems that due to the drama, the collection of poetry books has been selling like hot cakes. I guess it's no surprise, behold the selling power of dramas. Even binnie's tacky sequin tracksuits are in hot demand, and what more the lethal combo of binnie+poetry? I'm sold.
Yesterday on the 26th, online bookstore YES24 has revealed that after the episode's broadcast, the sale of the poetry books has seen a dramatic increase, especially the book Hyun Bin was holding, "A Sunny Day Meaning Nothing". The book first published 10 years ago, and only sold 5 copies during the past 7 years (wuu~ that's sad). 

The titles of the five poetry books: A Sunny Day Meaning Nothing, Someone is Walking Into My Heart, I Look Forward To Chance, My Melancholy Precious Woman, You Flew Here By Mistake.

But after Episode 3's broadcast up until the 25th, 178 copies have been sold so far. As for the other 4 books, on average they sold about 100 copies each. Annual sales rate increased from 40% to 420%.
The publishers of the book revealed that the book is actually already out of print, but due to the overwhelming response from the public, they've decided to reprint 2000 copies, and it is estimated to arrive at bookstores next week.
There were special reasons as to why the books' titles were featured as a subtitle. The writer for Secret Garden said, "Technically, these are not Joo Won's lines, but I wanted to use another way to portray his actions and emotions; hence the usage of poetry to portray the emptiness in Joo Won's heart.


  1. Waaa...awesome and really funny !!
    If those people like poetry, so it's ok!!
    I think they just wanted to know more about what JW was reading! !! ^^

  2. Wow I like your blog ^^
    And lol hate to admit it but.. I would buy the books too even though I'm not really a big fan of poetry

  3. and the writer of secret garden is 1 of the 7 buyers in this past 10 years the book was published