Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spoiler In Words for The Fierce Wife Episode 3

~Tip Three: Believe, even if in the middle of it is a lie~

An Zhen, wanting to assist Rui Fan in his promotion, begins to plan a grand dinner party. Everything has to be perfect, and so upon hearing the fact that Rui Fan's boss fancies antiques, she goes off to buy one, believing that it will with help Rui Fan's promotion. In short, she is trying hard to suck up to the boss.
An Zhen searches high and low, and she spots an imitation porcelain vase on display at an antique shop. She excitedly pulls Rui Xuan and goes in to bargain (a must for ahjummas) for the porcelain vase. In the midst of bargaining, she hesitates on the amount to settle on, and suddenly, in came a gentleman who bought it right there and then! 

A fuming An Zhen abruptly snatches it off the buyer's hands. She emerges victorious (or more like the other fellow didn't bother to stop her), but at the critical moment she slips and fall, sending the porcelain vase into a thousand pieces (adieu vase! you had a short but meaningful life, bringing this two individuals to meet again).

Another coincidental meeting...
As she leaves, An Zhen unintentionally eavesdrops on someone being scolded sternly. Later when she met face-to-face with Tian Wei, she assumed that he was the insurance salesman who got sternly rebuked earlier. And you know what they said about assuming, it makes and ass out of you and me. Only for her, it turned out to be something good. Feeling sorry for him, she forgot all about the grudge earlier. She tries to cheer him up and gave him some words of encouragement. Tian Wei, touched by the warmth of the gesture, offers to lend her his "imitation" porcelain antique, but who would have known, it's a real antique, not an imitation!

At Rui Fan's workplace, the competition between Ai Lin and him for the Vice President's position is still on full-blast, and the atmosphere is stifling. No one is spared, especially Kang De and Wei En (because of their relation to Rui Fan). Ai Lin the lioness continues to make life difficult for everyone. It's like she has PMS, only it's 24/7.

And as an exchange for an apology from Ai Lin (to Wei En), he has offered attend the award ceremony with Ai Lin (nooo~ what about your wife?). Wei En is touched by Rui Fan's noble act, and is blissfully happy; no one had shown concern for her like that before, and her love for her brother-in-law is getting harder to hide...

The celebration party was a great success, Rui Fan's boss expressed his admiration for Rui Fan as a family man. Also, he is surprise that Rui Fan has such good taste. Turns out the porcelain vase is worth millions! Both An Zhen and Rui Fan is shocked at the value of the borrowed vase.

Alas, the boss announces that the position of the Vice President has still have not been decided yet! After the party, the dejected Rui Fan goes out to have a walk. Wei En, wanting to comfort him, creeps up to him and drags him to the park and play like a child. While playing, the two accidentally shares a kiss...

Chloe Says: You know, people may be bashing Wei En, calling her a two-faced slut, adulteress, and schemer, blah blah. But did she really scheme to break up the two? I don't think so. She did no attempts to seduce him at all. Thus I think this whole thing is more of Rui Fan's fault! HE is the one being two-faced!

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