Friday, November 26, 2010

Spoiler In Words for The Fierce Wife Episode 4

~Tip Four: Can we really go back to how it was before?~

After that accidental kiss, Rui Fan can't get the thoughts of Wei En off his mind. An Zhen notices Rui Fan spacing out, and she thought that it was due to his boss's request to switch departments with Ai Lin. She fusses over him, and Rui Fan feels even more guilty (heh, damn right you should!).
To thank Tian Wei for his generosity (he did lend her a vase worth millions of TWD after all), An Zhen had no choice but to treat him to a meal (but she isn't really warming up to him, she still thinks of him as "the guy who brings bad luck").

Facing the naive An Zhen, the mischievous Tian Wei decides to make full use of the free meal offer and brings her to a high-end restaurant. An Zhen reels in shock over the exorbitant price of each dish, and the frugal her could not bring herself to order anything. 

Tian Wei is amused by this strange creature, and he chuckles (to himself) at her reactions. An Zhen doesn't realize she has be taken for a ride, and as they exchange banters, her kind and generous personality begins to change Tian Wei's opinion of women...
Back at the company, chaos and confusing situations arises because of the change in departments. Wei En understands that for Rui Fan the competition to get the Vice President's position is a battle of life and death. She decides to help him by dating Kevin with the purpose of digging up some dirt on Ai Ling's department.
It's late at night, and Wei En still isn't home yet. Beside his sleeping wife, Rui Fan can't sleep a wink as he tosses and turn in bed. He decides to look for her and takes the car. He found her, but she's with Kevin looking pretty intimate as they came out the bar and left in a taxi together. The angry and jealous Rui Fan heads back home.

The next day, Wei En reveals what she found out yesterday night. Rui Fan then realizes that her not coming home last night was all because of him! Touched my her act, he feels a mixture of pity and love for this simple thinking woman, and could not help but hold her in his arms...

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  1. Thank you for the translation of this! I ALWAYS go to the main site and see so many chinese characters but I always do not understand them :p Thanks again~