Monday, November 1, 2010

Selina Jen of S.H.E suffers 3rd degree burns


Selina Jen of taiwanese girl group S.H.E (pic, middle) and co-star Yu HaoMing (of Meteor Shower fame) suffered extensive burns while filming an explosion scene on the set of "I Have A Date With Spring" in Shanghai.  The explosives detonated prematurely, and the cause of it is still currently under investigation.

Selina suffered 50% burns on her body, 30% of it being 3rd degree burns and her tights melted on her legs (!)

Co-star Yu HaoMing's injuries were slightly less severe, being 2nd degree burns.

Oh my. I've heard of many broken bones and car crashes, but burn incidents involving the main co-stars are very rare ( I can only recall Michael Jackson - Pepsi commercial incident).

Wishing a speedy recovery to both of them. God bless.

Selina's family members and friends show their support, stating they're proud how strong Selina is despite the pain. Selina's band mates, Ella and Hebe tweets their support through Weibo (China's Twitter).

Most likely Selina's marriage to long time boyfriend Richard Chang will have to be delayed, but it is revealed that the couple had already taken their wedding portraits.

Wtf. Like we should give a damn about wedding photos during this critical period =.="

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