Monday, November 15, 2010

Thinking Back: K-pop and Me

Oooh~ SKKS's Micky Park Yoo-chun! and the Postman from Heaven!!

People who know me well know that in contrast to my in-depth (self-proclaimed) knowledge about kdramas, I'm totally clueless when it comes to the kpop scene (wait, are you saying TVXQ and DBSK is actually one and the same?)

Thousands of J-Park fans cheering him on as he leaves Korea.

Though slowly but surely, this kpop virgin is learning more and more as she gets curious about the k-music industry (mainly about the 'wonderful' world of trainees) and the artistes' relentless training routines (the management may be overworking them, but I can't help feeling that the artistes are actually enjoying all the work). The Jay Park incident enlightened me on the power of netizens; for better or for worse, you gotta admit they're a force to be reckon with.

Sorry I laughed at your 6-member group, PCD. It seems like such a trivial amount now.

Gone are the days when I thought that Suju was a typo for soju (true story, pinky swear) and I'm even beginning to accept the ridiculous concept of a music group having more than 5 members (I used to think that only one could sing, the rest were redundant).

All in all, I'm proud to show off some of the names I've learn through kdramas OST and the rising trend of idols crossing over to the acting field. I know who Micky Park Yoo-chun is, Miss Suzy of ??? is going to be in an upcoming kdrama Dream High, and T.O.P got so good in acting even the First Lady complimented him.

And did you know there's such a genre called popera (opera+pop)? I made the discovery when I re-attempted to watch Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang with the newfound knowledge that the famous Hong Sisters wrote it (I think it was nicer after I got the drama parodies and appreciated the Korean folktale).

Viewers might remember this song that cues the oh-so-fabulous angsty scenes of SGCH: Hope You'll Be Happy (Haengbok Hagil Parae) by Lim Hyung Joo. This MV includes english subtitles, please enjoy >>

Well, it turns out that he's a popera singer, the youngest male vocalist ever to debut at the Carnegie Hall and has since completed his studies in Julliard and went to Academia San Felice in Florence, Italy to further his studies.

And I heart his rendition of Sally Gardens. It's beautiful! <3

So really, SNSD and Girls Generation are the same thing right? 

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