Friday, November 26, 2010

Rain's Tango Partner is Daniel H.

*poof* The sound you barely heard just now is just me having a simultaneous combustion and evaporate into the air. Handsome, meet cute. hellochloe's thoughts are going wild again and I'm all fired up to do a fanfic. 

Scenario: Kai, who couldn't deny his love for Ji Woo, dumped Jini and runaways (pun!) with his detective lover. Oooh~ I like where this is going. It suits the whole fugitive theme ;D

But onscreen, things are not all lovey dovey for the boys. They give each other intense (and delicious) death glares and it's the battle of the dudes. With 3 episodes to go, you can expect tensions between the two to run an all-time high. Love triangles are about dick waving after all. 

Although they're Best Enemies in the drama, turns out it's really quite the opposite off-screen. For the drama's photoshoot, they seem closer than anyone else on the set, and also joked non-stop.

Chloe Says: Lee Jung Jin at the background is looking good too. But his policewoman girlfriend's dress is a pink wreck (to me at least). And why is his suit half off?

Via chinanews


  1. That pinck weck dress, she was not doo so's GF, it was jinny.

  2. Still, you gotta admit it's a wreck (although it does show of her sexyback). Could you answer my 2nd question then? About Lee Jung Jin's suit half-off:-/

  3. ...coz i wished it to be?....i am referring to the half off suit;)

  4. LOL...hmmm, you shoulda wish for the shirt to b off instead:D