Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Alright, Daddy's Daughter PressCon

Damn. I wonder if I will cry much watching this. Even the wedding posters look sad (don't you think so?)
I probably will cry at touching moments, and then cheer for joy at happy ones. In short, this will be one of the dramas that will make me look like an idiot, crying and then laughing at the next moment. 

But at least the press conference held had me smiling. Nice to see the cheeky version of Moon Chae Won :D

*@%^!$# Awesome! I have a friend who can do her thumb like that too. I wanna!

Is it a habit for stars to do this gesture during presscons? I noticed MGY and JGS did this in M3 presscon too.

Too bad there isn't a larger pic of Donghae. I'm beginning to like this guy. Where's that SKKS dude?

Oh! there he is.

She looks lovely. They couldn't have found a more suitable person for daddy's daughter role.

So this is going to be the main couple right? Anyone else hoping for a diff coupling?

Damn is this Pasta dude tall or what?

Picture of the whole cast where no one's face can be seen. Except for daddy and MCW poster at the back.

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