Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Junpei Mizobata returns as a highschooler!

And you know how much I dig J-school uniforms. Mizobata (21) and fashion model Ito Ono (15) has already been confirmed as the leads of the movie adaptation of the manga Koukou Debut (Highschool Debut) since September. Supporting cast includes Masaki Suda (17) from Kamen Rider Double and members from J-theater/idol group AKB48 (AKB48 consists of 3 groups; A, K, B and 48 members, hence the odd name).

I'm delighted! Another adaptation to be ticked off from my wish list. Now I'm just waiting for my Ouran Hostbu to be made into a live-action (what's taking them so long? Having trouble finding 3 hotties and a set of twins?)

The Manga:
Koukou Debut is written by mangaka Kazune Kawahara, and I believe this is her best work to date (her previous ones tend to dwell ad nauseum on a plot point). The manga did get boring after they got together (I've a feeling that the mangaka had finished her story and  there was nothing left to tell), so I'm glad it is being made into a movie rather than your average 8-episode drama. 

What it's about: Haruna, a former softball star, has decided to quit the sport once and for all to focus on a normal highschool life instead. She wants to experience love like the ones she reads in shoujo mangas (Heh. Don't we all?), and in order to do that, she gives herself a makeover.

Only she does in all horribly wrong (tacky clothes; disastrous make-up and hair), and gets stood up every single time. But then she got lucky when she manages to convince Yoh, a super hot and popular senpai to coach her in the art of romance with the condition that she will not fall in love with him (and we know how the story goes).

While the premise of the story maybe familiar and even tacky like the female lead, what made it a winner was how sensei depicted the daily life of an average highschooler. It focuses not only on love relationships, but of her friendships and even her family (ever noticed how often families take the backseat when it comes to shoujo mangas?).

Koukou Debut is scheduled for theatrical release in spring 2011.

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