Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Dream High Episode 13

I Love You More Than The Universe - Donawhale 
Oh this written preview sounds heavenly! Not the "absolute pitch" part though, I don't need my SD to have special abilities like that, I want his EARS to be okay!! Shall never forgive Baek Hee if his condition deteriorates, hmmph!

Sorry for the lateness of this preview. Apparently it was out earlier but due to the overheated discussion of SamMi's kiss they retracted it. Kinda like what happen to Episode 15 of M3, heh.

Spoiler In Words
Sam Dong tells Hye Mi who has been worrying about him that he's okay now, and tells her not to take care of him. In order to overcome his weakness, he decides that he must learn absolute pitch* (the ability to identify or reproduce a musical note without an external reference; in order to play by ear). He enlists the help of the only person in the school who knows absolute pitch, Pil Sook. Hye Mi and Jason sees them both together and feels upset inside (loveee <33 this part).

At the showcase, Baek Hee's composition is discovered to be plagiarized. As a result she gets kicked out of the entertainment company, and is subject to the accusations and gossips of people. 

On one hand, Oh Hyuk gets the news that Jin Gook is detained at the police station for investigations. He immediately sets out to find Jin Gook. 

Chloe Says: You gotta give credit to Eun Jung's acting chops, 'cause I actually felt pity for her character in the past episodes; I was able to understand her frustrations at not being to achieve the same level of success as her now ex-bandmates. It's a wonder why Ria is achieving more popularity *shrugs*

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  1. Hi Chloe!! I'm so happy after I read this preview, I started to hope again that maybe SD-HM kiss won't be out of guilty or comfort :D.. I hope it will help HM clear her feeling for both SD and JG.

    I have a felling she likes him but didn't notice it :X, while with JG isn't love :-/, just a strong relationship that they confused with love ;))... ;)

    By- Anavi

  2. Or I meant a 'strong friendship' :-@


  3. :X eunjung's acting in DH~~ ! she portrayed BH so nicely ><!~~

  4. @Anavi: For me, I do think it Hye Mi has budding love for Jin Gook. But you know, like in life and shoujo mangas, feelings do change. So me kinda happy that it's not so one sided on Sam Dong's side.

    @Anonymous: Agree, agree! I'm looking forward to her downfall, 'cause that only means she'll become human again and have budding friendship with the rest of the Misfits (hopefully).

  5. I hope hye mi love jin gook forever, and with SD only friendship or maybe sunbaenim to her.

  6. @Anonymous: I don't really mind if that happens, the only way I'll get mighty disappointed is if they do a My Love Patzzi ending on me, heh.