Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pics Abound On Dream High's Set

The first half of the Woo-U couple:

...with the second half right here XD :
There so many uncertainties in this show: the identity of K, MiGook versus SamMi ship, Sam Dong's hearing prob, etc. 

But what's certain is: I'll be waving my pom poms with a cheer: *Woo-U FTW!* (Sigh. It's good knowing there are some things that are certain in life.)

Selca FAIL (In Sung and Sam Dong's head!): 
But I'm guessing Suzy uploaded this 'cause she still looks good innit.

Spoons are popular accessories in selcas:

I gotta admit I don't hate In Sung as much after seeing the actor in Cyrano Agency. Must be his curly 'do that made me hostile.
He's tall!

IU is one incredibly talented girl. Got a shock when I found out she'll only be turning 18 this year; honestly thought she had to be at least 20 or older. 
And so I'm worried for the Woo-U couple...will they get to kiss? What's the legal age for some kissing action in kdramas?
I want a K-I-S-S! 'Cause this ain't a j-drama dammit =_=

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  1. well in a millionaires first love the girl hyun bin kissed was 17 i believe

  2. Ah but that's a movie, idk if they have the same rules. Any dramas that comes to mind?

  3. But Chloel... if Taec and Suzy really kiss in the next episode (like it appeared in the preview) it won't be a problem to have a Jason and PS kiss scene.. I mean Suzy has just 16! She is younger than IU^^

  4. Omo, but have you checked out the kiss to end all kisses in the J-drama Pride???

    in Moon Geun-young's My Little Bride, she was 16/17 y.o., so was considered underaged for an onscreen kiss. But this still doesn't answer your question, of course! :)

  5. If they will kiss... I'm sure it'll be a disappointing meh, close-mouthed, lips barely touching kiss. Hehehe!

    But the story's great and it's addictive so I don't really care.

  6. @Anonymous: You genius! I feel better now. But wait does that mean no kiss for them as well? D:

    @starbreez: Heh, you're talking to a die-hard Prido fan here. I watched the whole series in one day, rewatched it countless times! They've the BEST EVERYTHING there:D Prido! *slams fist to shoulder*

    @sansukini: Oh god!'kay you scared me, I rather have no kiss scene then >.<