Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SG: Ha Ji Won's double loses 8kg in two weeks for the role

Not quite new news...I admit, I was too lazy to translate -_-" But better late than never, right? Also have a cute Binnie article coming up, so please anticipate it! (gah, I sound like some actor giving a speech about their upcoming show).
8kg may not sound that impressive alongside Yoon Sang Hyun's 10 kg, but two! weeks! That means this lady here lost 4kg in 7 days! Holey moley! Is that even humanly possible?
In Secret Garden, actress Ha Ji Won may be a stuntwoman, but the real stunts were performed another stuntwoman. And this woman is 22-year-old stuntwoman Yoo Mi-jin who has appeared in KBS 2TV's Hello recently (or maybe not so recent >_<).

The theme of the program for that day was "Occupation". She said that as a stunt double working in the industry, she has develop a "shan't lose to the dudes" attitude, and no matter what she has to do more, and do better. 

She continued, "At that time, the martial arts director told her to lose weight, more specifically a 26cm reduction on the waist line...I thought I mustn't lose this opportunity to shoot, so within 2 weeks I lost 8kg."

The MC of the show expressed a high level of interest in this; asked her to reveal a thing on two, or a reproduction of Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin's famous scenes in Secret Garden. 

Yoo Mi-jin lived up to expectations; she wowed with her martial arts moves and even did SG's famous sit-up scene. 

Via Baidu's SG


  1. cant get enough of secret garden :)
    must praise the stuntwoman

  2. wonder what the stuntwoman did to lose so much in such short time!! don't think that's healthy...but she's active so there's a plus going for her :)

  3. @ Anonymous #2: What else? Exercise I guess! (and cutting back on the food). I don't think an average person would be able to achieve that though, you're right it must be because she's an active.