Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spoiler In Words: My Princess Episode 10

Happy Chinese-Rabbit New Year everyone!!! Hope you guys who are celebrating it had a nice reunion dinner. I had my first angpow for the year tonight, hehe...
Tok Tok Tok - Super Junior

In occasion for CNY, we're gonna have our very first trot song on this blog *applause* :D Two things went into my mind when I heard this song. One, this song scared me - I jumped out of my seat at the first beat "TOK" (I listen to audio via earphones, so it's especially loud) and two, the thought of a kpop group singing grandma songs is really LMAO. But it really shows that idols are jack of all trades, they sing, dance, act and some even compose their own songs. All the more power to the k-ent industry, I guess. \(^o^)/

Spoiler In Words
At night, Lee Seol is dissapointed when Hae Young goes out after receiving a phone call from Yoon Ju, causing Hae Young to leave with a heavy heart as well. Gradually, the country's interest towards the princess is deepening as well, causing an influx of letters sent to the them. Hae Young issues a flurry of unusual notices, one of them prohibiting Lee Seol to go online. 

Meanwhile, upon hearing the news that the death of the emperor's grandson is associated with Hae Young's dad, Yoon Ju goes deathly pale...


  1. Happy New Year, Chloe!

  2. Thank you, soph!:D Best wishes to you too, don't forget to watch the SG's New Year Special on the 4th;))