Friday, February 18, 2011

Spoiler In Words: The Fierce Wife Ep. 15 + Thank You Vid

Despite its storyline not going as I intended it to be, but this show has been garnering ratings, and I believe I know why: the acting is stellar, and you won't find any awkward acting by any of the cast members here. It's ratings are first in the nation! Woohoo~

An Zhen transforms into a beauty...
Like Audrey Hepburn. 

~Tip Fifteen: The me right now, is worse than a cat's~
Ai Ling secretly spreads Rui Fan and Wei En's romantic relationship. It caused pandemonium in the company; everyone is talking about it. Rui Fan's "good man" image is ruined, and his career is at stake...

Wei En discovers that this is all Ai Ling's undoing, she vows to return the favor and declared war on Ai Ling!

An Zhen met with an accident in the midst of a test drive with a customer, 
and is immediately sent into the emergency ward. Rui Xuan and Kang De tries to contact Rui Fan but to no avail, the unknowing Rui Fan spent the night beside Wei En...
And this is what I was waiting for throughout the series...
Tian Wei gets the news of An Zhen's accident and speedily went to the hospital, only to find An Zhen calling for Rui Fan in her sleep. Seeing her like that was extremely hard to bear. An Zhen slowly woke up and saw that it was not Rui Fan who took care of her through the night, but Tian Wei...
Daylight comes, and Rui Fan finally hears of An Zhen's accident and rushed to the hospital. Facing the Rui Fan who was absent throughout, An Zhen could not help the tears streaming down her face. Can't believe that Rui Fan brought with him a decision that made An Zhen faints!

A thank you message from Sonia Sui on behalf of TFW Team:

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  1. Finally the makeover I was longing for ^^
    She is gorgeous as I expected :)

  2. That is one nice makeover!! I'll be watching this show again.

  3. Yeah, I was thanking the dramagods for this *tears up*

  4. nope no makeover yet. the stupid production crew is just hyping everything up by putting scenes in the preview that are NOT in the next episode. makes you so mad! ~x(