Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spoiler In Words: My Princess Episode 12

Only You - Wild Rose Thorn (Biscuit Teacher And Star Candy OST)

Uh-oh, I'm lagging behind MP! Should I sacrifice my beauty sleep to watch this? Or should I Zzzz since I hadn't for the past 24 hours? Oh, the choices to be made by a drama addict. >_<

Spoiler In Words
Lee Seol, upon hearing Yoon Ju's words: "As long as you can disappear from everyone's lives, it's enough." She then leaves a message that she'll be back for sure, and leaves the palace. After many difficulties, Hae Young finally manages to find a way to contact his dad. But he hesitates, he hung up the phone and left a message instead. 

Meanwhile, Lee Seol is contacting the people who left a message after seeing the ad: "Looking For People Who is Acquainted With Lee Han's Royal Grandson" (i.e Lee Seol's dad), and asks them whether they really knew her dad. Hae Young finds out from Shin sang-gung*(sang-gung is Korean for palace lady) that Lee Seol has left the palace. He finds her and together they arrive at Jung Woo's home. 

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year Chloe, I am a new reader of your blog. Glad i found another outlet for K-drama!

  2. Hello Rudi, thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself:X Happy (Chinese?) New Year to you too!