Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dream High In Manga

Boy, I love "In Manga" series! It's almost compulsory for very rom com to have one, and DH is no exception. 
You think this is cute? Wait till you see the rest (hint: A dairy product)

Taa-daa! Isn't it cute isn't it cute isn't it cute? >3<

This one is very manhwa-ish (sorry to say but Jason looks kinda girl-man here):

My favorite style: Chibi versions! 

There's no doubt in my mind that this is...
 The Rock.

From one of my favorite scenes in the drama; the moment I regarded the show as a qualified substance:
The Moment in pixels.

This one looks kinda crude but you know what? I LOVE it!
Probably 'cause it's chibi, hehe.

SamMi (before he became emo):

Credits to: Respective makers of these awesome art.


  1. thanks ! super cute :D like it so much ! thaks again . can you post some more ? please :D

  2. @Anonmyous: Will surely do if I come across any ;)

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