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Dear Giordano, Will You Please Gimme A Drama?

Question: Is it possible to develop 2nd lead syndrome over a course of a brief 10 minutes? 'Cause that is what hellochloe felt for our poor So Ji Sub during that 10 minute plus long CF. I thought I was rooting for Jung Woo Sung x Shin Min Ah from what I've seen before, but now that I got the whole picture... *heart bleeds for SJS* WHY? Why?!!! He always fails to get the girl, be it in Bali or Australia T_T

An intro on the characters...
In this dramaCF they're named after their real-life selves, 'cause the show's meta like that (like Soulmates!), to top it off Jung Woo Sung in CF is also Jung Woo Sung in real life: A movie star. Woot!

To cut a short story even shorter...
Shin Min Ah likes Jung Woo Sung, but he can't accept her because he's not over the harmonica girl (omo, could it be...Jeon Ji Hyun?). Sitting on the sidelines is So Ji Sub, who's in an unrequited love for Shin Min Ah (and Min Ah's not unaware of that). Presenting you Giordano's CF: Friends' LOVE: A Love Story Between Friends

CF plus transcript, thanks to Ko-Chi-En translations first at Baidu by minami008 and then eilasa from soompi. Love! 

Shin Min Ah is seen wiping the window.
Shin Min Ah (to self): The sound of everyone's footsteps is different.

Camera zooms in on the footsteps walking. It's SJS and Tiger JK heading to Min Ah's home.

So Ji Sub: Has she changed?
Tiger JK: Yeah, it is said that she become prettier.
So Ji Sub: Really? 
Tiger JK: She has always been pretty. 
So Ji Sub: Right, she has always been pretty. 
*Knocks door* 
Tiger JK: Nobody? 
Shin Min Ah: Coming!
She opens the door and they greet. Tiger JK hugs her and shows her the pot of plant SJS is holding ("This is oppa's present.") SJS goes in for a hug as well but is thwarted by that pot of plant he's holding (LMAO. And *sob*).
Shin Min Ah: *gets plant* Thank you! (x4 times)
Before she shuts the door she takes a last peek outside, hoping for Woo Sung  arrival soon.
Shin Min Ah (to self): I have yet to hear the footsteps I longed to hear.
The trio having a round of rock, paper, scissors before cleaning the house to move in the furniture.

So Ji Sub: Hold on!!! *loud whisper to TJK* Men have to show rock. 
Tiger JK: Right, rock. 
Shin Min Ah: I know, I'll show rock (too). 
SJS gives her a *you-not-man* nudge. And the game begins...Tiger JK and Shin Min Ah shows paper, SJS rock (he lose). 
So Ji Sub: What! have to show rock!

Trio together in kitchen:

Tiger JK: Aish, why is Woo Sung hyung not here yet? He's always late, the king of tardiness. So what if you are an actor? What's the big deal being a star huh? Not coming here to help. 
Shin Min Ah: Don't be like that... he will be here shortly.
So Ji Sub looks at her, slight jealousy creeping up upon hearing her defending Woo Sung hyung.

So Ji Sub (to self): Why is my love always clinging? Is this jealousy? I'll let him wash the dishes later (which is sad 'cause it gave Woo Sung and Min Ah some one-on-one time, as you'll soon witness minutes later).
The king of tardiness finally arrives, and proceeds to wake his dongseng who's sleeping on the couch.

Jung Woo Sung: Hey JK, hyung is here. 
Tiger JK: *bows and greets him formally* 
Jung Woo Sung: But everytime I see you I wanna say, is it right that I'm your hyung (I'm thinking he means JK looks old)? 
Tiger JK: Hyung...(like aww don't be like that!) welcome back! 
Tiger goes on to speak italian, and you can tell he's very much American from his accent (sexy!)

Ji Sub and Min Ah on a bed (!) together:

So Ji Sub: How's your travel? *to self* Wouldn't it be great if you travel with me. 
Shin Min Ah: It's really good to travel on your own, it's also relaxing. 
So Ji Sub: *To self* How good can it be to travel on your own? "Next time..." 
Shin Min Ah: Alright, the four of us should travel together the next time. 
So Ji Sub: Four person? Four person is too many! Next time *shows two finger gesture*... 
Shin Min Ah: Here, this is for you *hands present* (presumely something Giordano, make that a singlet please.) 
So Ji Sub: Aish, why are you giving me this? (but is in fact very happy)
But then Tiger JK has to go spoil the moment and squeezed in between them.
Tiger JK: Excuse me (in English). 
Shin Min Ah: Excuse me? (repeating what he said) 
Tiger JK: What are you two doing? Dating? Right? Right? 
Shin Min Ah: Don't be childish. 
Tiger JK: Right? right?! 
SJS hits Tiger with pillow, but instead Min Ah got the blow. She whimpers in pain:
So Ji Sub: I was going to hit hyung. 
Tiger JK: It's an excuse!
And he arrives. 
Jung Woo Sung: Who hit our Min Ah? 
So Ji Sub: Hyung! 
Shin Min Ah: Oppa! 
 A wonderful pillow fight to show off some *bromance* scene. (complete with feathers bursting from down pillows. Bravissimo!)
Jung Woo Sung: I am here. 
Tiger JK: Always late. 
So Ji Sub: What? Stop hitting. 
Jung Woo Sung: As if. 
So Ji Sub: It hurts. 
Jung Woo Sung: You just used your foot. 
So Ji Sub: This is just the beginning. 
True to the OST, they procede with some *hot stuff* pillow fighting.
So Ji Sub: Should we stop now? 
Jung Woo Sung: What, stop?! Stop my foot! *rams pillow to SJS*
Shin Min Ah: *serious tone* STOP!!! 
So Ji Sub: We were only kidding.
Woo Sung cleaning the dishes (his "punishment" for him on being late). Min Ah is with him.

Shin Min Ah: Where have you been? Everyone has been waiting. 
Jung Woo Sung: Hey, you guys are too much? I am only slightly late and you are making me do all these. 
Shin Min Ah: Of course, go wash 'em clean! 
Jung Woo Sung: What are you saying? The only thing I am good at is washing the dishes. Jung Woo Sung who's washing dishes. Look, cool right? *does funny cute poses*
Shin Min Ah: What? Look, there's chilli. Can't you see? 
Jung Woo Sung: Where? I can't see it at all (hc: can't see it either) 
Shin Min Ah: Do you think you can marry me this way? (meaning you want me to wash it for you, as wifey?) 
Jung Woo Sung: Ah, found out by me. I never thought of marrying you. Found out by me, wanting to get married to me? 
Shin Min Ah: No!
So Ji Sub (to self):  I have yet to hear the words I longed to hear.
Ji Sub picked up the harmonica and plays, sound barely there as he doesn't want to wake the sleeping Min Ah. But she is in fact, awake.

Min Ah and Woo Sung together. She leans on the shelf and it seems that he's reaching out for her, only to reach out for the harmonica with the initials "M. J" (damn it's not Jeon Ji Hyun, former Giordano girl).
Jung Woo Sung: Why is this with you? *kinda angry* 
Shin Min Ah: I hid it when oppa was searching for it. Oppa, why can't it be me? Forget all that should be forgotten.
Ji Sub overhears their whole exchange (T^T)

Jung Woo Sung: Sorry, I don't think I can do. 
So Ji Sub (to self): Is it not possible for me?
Wait! It's not over yet. The continuation:

The transcript (thanks to tele186 from yt)
So Ji Sub: Hyung? 
Jung Woo Sung: Hm?  
So Ji Sub: You trust me right?  
Jung Woo Sung: Of course  
So Ji Sub: Then let (her) go  
Jung Woo Sung: You mean Min Ah?
So Ji Sub: You're always holding on to her, that's why she can't help but focus on you 
*repeat from before* These last three sentences pretty much sums up the whole dynamic of their love triangle:
Shin Min Ah: Oppa, why can't it be me? 
Jung Woo Sung: Sorry, I don't think I can do. 
So Ji Sub (to self)Is it not possible for me? 
Chloe Says: 
Please do note that the above translations kinda varies from the original, as I'd inputed my bit and edited some stuff (basically added a ton of stuff after watching CF for the 908769690th time). Enjoy.

Photo Credits: Giordano stills via dc


  1. And...?
    She end up with who?

  2. @Anonymous: No one. It's suppose to be open ended. Though I've made up a story in my mind, keke;))

  3. Lol me too, She is meant to be with So Ji Sub ;;)