Thursday, February 17, 2011

TFW: Best Poll, Ever!

HAHAHA, this is one killer post! Polls the way I like it (translated from the original poll at SETTV TFW's Official Website):
So, if you have been here long enough I'm sure you know about my relationship with The Fierce Wife: A looooong story about this seemingly good man turn cheating husband (and on wifey's cousin too, might I add). hellochloe faithfully rants about it every week. hellochloe does not know why she KEEPS coming back every week. Why why why...

Results after the jump.
So which one did you chose? For me, well you know me, I'm a peace lovin' girl, therefore C) it was.  The results so far (highest to lowest):

A, B, C, D, E. 

Honest! It's really ABCDE. A,B,C are running neck-to-neck at 31%, 30% and 28% respectively with D and E no contest at 6% and 5% respectively. The humble ol' kitchen knife ruled them all.

Via SETTV TFW's Official Website


  1. its A all the way. its too bad the drama turned out this way. I like the main lead here. I wished him and the lead girl got together in ps man.

  2. Yeah it's really too bad. I've always been partial for the Sonia x James pairing. Oh well, they'll just have to get together in some other show.